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Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Physics School:

A school "Diffractive and electromagnetic processes at high energies" is held in Heidelberg, sept 2-6, 2013. Applications from students and postdocs are encouraged.
The school programme consists of invited talks of the HERA, TEVATRON and LHC programmes, invited lectures and seminars contributed by the participants.

This school is generously funded by the

Invited lectures:

M. Albrow
Fermi National Laboratory

" Central Exclusive Production at Hadron Colliders"

S.U. Chung
CERN/TU Munich

" Diffraction in the COMPASS Experiment"

M. Deile

" Review of TOTEM Results "

J. Figiel
Inst. Nucl. Phys., PAN Cracow

" Exclusive Diffraction at HERA "

L. Goerlich
Inst. Nucl. Phys., PAN Cracow

" Inclusive Diffraction at HERA "

G. Herrera Corral

" Diffraction in ALICE "

L. Jenkovszky
BITP, Kiev

" Diffraction at the LHC "

K. Kuznetsova
Karlsruhe Inst. of Technolgy

" Diffractive and Forward Physics in CMS "

A. Martin
IPPP, Durham

" Introduction to Diffraction "

R. Mcnulty
University College, Dublin

" Diffractive and Forward Physics in LHCb "

Ch. Mesropian
Rockefeller University, New York

" Review of Diffraction at the Tevatron "

O. Nachtmann
Heidelberg University

" High-energy soft reactions:
A model with tensor pomeron and vector odderon "

J. Nystrand
Bergen University

" Review of ultra-peripheral reactions
in heavy-ion collisions "

M. Peardon
Trinity College Dublin

" Lattice QCD and the hadron spectrum"

M. Poghosyan

" Introduction to Regge Field Theory "

Ch. Royon

" Diffractive and Forward Physics in ATLAS "

W. Schafer
Inst. Nucl. Phys., PAN Cracow

" Introduction to diffractive processes in
hadron-nucleus and photon-nucleus reactions "

V. Serbo
Novosibirsk State University

" Strong Electromagnetic Field Effects
in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions "

A. Szczurek
Inst. Nucl. Phys., PAN Cracow

" Review of Exclusive Processes at High Energies
Theory Point of View and Suggestions for
Future Experiments "